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As a Can Tho local, I have a deep understanding of the culture of Mekong Delta’s people.

Mekong Delta includes 12 prosperous provinces. There are mainly delta, forests and rivers. This land is the end of the Mekong River which rises from China. Therefore, every year, from September to November, the Mekong River brings fish to the people and makes the land richer, which helps to reduce the amount of fertilizer used in cultivation.

Especially, simplicity, friendliness and hospitability are usually favorable traits of Mekong Delta’s people. May be because of that, the nature gifts them with good weather. This land has wet and dry seasons, without storms or hard winter, which is very convenient for agriculture, fishery and the lives of people.

During 4 years of my university life, I had opportunities to work part-time job in a hotel and to be a tour guide for foreigners to earn money and improve my English skills. I have a clear understanding of what foreigners want when coming to Vietnam in general and Mekong Delta in particular.

For example, if foreigners want to avoid noisy shopping places, they may like other  more natural sites, or Cai Rang floating market, Phong Dien floating market, or places where they can easily see activities of local people; and by trying local dishes, tourists can get to know more about South Western culture. Moreover, when working as a tour guide, I know many university students who want to improve their English skills as well as find a part-time job to earn money for their study, rented room and activities.

These students are very friendly, capable in using English and able to provide correct information on the culture of Mekong Delta’s people. However, they are not professional tour guides, who may lead you to souvenir stores for money.

Therefore, I have applied for a license for international travel business and found Explore Mekong Tour Operation to help university students and volunteer to be able to get a job, also to offer assistance on exploring the land and the people of Vietnam in general and Mekong Delta in particular. Come to us, we promise to provide you the best services with reasonable price.